Anwar Corporation

Social Compliance‚Äč

We strongly believes in social compliance and ensures that the company meets standards of various environmental laws. Social compliance refers to how a business treats its employees, the environment and their perspective on social responsibility. It refers to a minimal code of conduct that directs how employees are treated with regards to wages, working hours and work conditions.

Health And Safety

A strong health and safety program of Textile industries can assure safety and sound health of its employees. Bari Textile Mills gives top priority to Health, Safety & Social compliance to ensure that our beliefs and practices are aligned with the policies and regulations of our customers.


The Detox campaign was launched in 2011 to expose the direct links between global clothing brands, their suppliers and toxic water pollution around the world. Fieldwork and investigations in manufacturing countries, along with the testing of branded garments for traces of hazardous chemicals, resulted in the release of groundbreaking reports that exposed the toxic truth behind our clothes. Bari carries out regular random checks across the textile range and tests the products for hazardous chemicals to guarantee that the company conforms to the required code of conducts.